Administration Panel


This administration panel lets you revalidate some pages on demand.

Incremental Static Regeneration allows revalidating specific static routes without rebuilding the entire site.

This is thanks to Next.js serverless functions

The blocks down allows you to revalidate the pages indicated (update parts of the routes).

When updating pages, a serverless function is run, and as this type of function is stateful, the new data shown is randomly changed

Click UPDATE BUTTON at any block

Top movies Carousel

Use this for updating the movies carousel shown at the top of /productions page. By doing so, the carousel updates to show 5 different movies based of movies categories shown down in the page.
Click here to update!

Posters at homepage

Use this for updating the posters shown at homepage. As the posters shown there depend on the API, trying to revalidate could be unproductive since the available resources are not changing very often.
Click here to update!